How to upgrade and configure UD6/CMtool Driver 1.03 for Uniface EIGHT

Step 1 You should first become familiar with the new features of UD6 1.03 and the upgrade path that is best for you.
Step 2 Run the UD6 1.03 installer executable, and when prompted for an installation directory choose the directory where you have Uniface installed (eg: c:\usys72).
Step 3 Uniface 8 does not use the INI file to reference the DLL's used by UD6 and UD6 Option Pack. Remove the references to ud6x.dll, ud6.dll, mhgfp140.dll and mhgfp140x.dll from your INI file.
Step 4 Alter the [USER_3GL] section in the Usys:adm\usys.asn file, eg:

; assuming the default start in directory is c:\usys82\project

Step 5 Alter the USYS$UD6_PARAMS in your ASN file as described in the ASN Settings for Upgrading guide and the What's new in UD6 1.03 guide.
Step 6

If using Uniface 8 userver (the new polyserver) it may be necessary to enable "exclusive connections to userver" in the client ASN file.

$tcp tcp:server+13000|username|password| -ex
$tcp tcp:server+13000|username|password|ust -ex
Step 7 The first time that you start Uniface 8 with your Uniface 7.2.05 or 7.2.06 repository it will perform some special actions. In order for these to work correctly you must specify some additional settings in your ASN file USYS$UD6_PARAMS. These settings are:
USYS$UD6_PARAMS=performance 239, etc etc
Step 8 Before you start Uniface 8 you must delete these models and all associated relationships, tables and sub-types:
  • DICT
  • UVCS
  • TEXT

The simplest way to do this is from a "DOS SHELL" and use the del *DICT*.XML (or similar) command.

Step 9 Start Uniface 8. You may be presented with a message:
1884 - The mandatory defaults could not be found in your repository.  You need 

to load the set of UNIFACE defaults first.

If this message appears press LOAD. If the message appears again, press EXIT, and then restart Uniface 8.

Step 10 From within the Uniface 8 IDF, use the UPGRADE REPOSITORY function.
Step 11 When the upgrade has completed, check the message frame (messages like: UD6 PERFORMANCE ... can be ignored). Close the IDF and remove the performance 239 setting from the ASN file.

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