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CVS Professional Support and CVSNT    Español  Deutsch  日本

CVSNT for Professionals

Save money and get everything your business needs to design, implement, and manage your versioning solution.

CVS Client Suite + SCCI
CVS Suite Server.
Solutions Compared.

CVSNT Open Source

Developers can help CVSNT by fixing bugs, adding new features, making CVSNT faster and smarter, and making CVSNT development easier for others.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Support wiki for CVSNT.
CVSNT Mailing List Archive

This is the official home of CVS Professional Support and CVSNT. The complete open source project documentation is available in Wiki to allow users to easily and immediately contribute.

CVS Professional Support and CVSNT are open source, free software licensed under the GNU General Public License.

Adobe Acrobat Format Download Support Brochure
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» Comparison of CVSNT with Subversion (SVN)
» CVS for IBM iSeries (OS/400)
» Statement on recent CVS security issues

CVS Suite
Download  CVS Suite Trial 2009-8964
  »  IBM iSeries (OS/400)
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  Everything you need
Meet the world’s most popular versioning system. Again. CVS Suite delivers everything you need to get started with CVS: the eBook "All About CVS" , Visual Studio .NET 2005 Integration (SCCI), Defect Tracking (Bugzilla, Mantis and Jira) integration, TortoiseCVS, WinCVS, CVS Suite Studio for browsing CVSNT servers and creating workspaces, Release Manager for deploying web sites and application servers and CVSNT Server with Auditing.

Purchase CVS Suite 2009R2

Buy Now

CVS Suite 2009R2
Single User Basic: $131

Comprehensive Admin & User Guide eBook
A detailed introduction to CVSNT including repository and workflow design, server and client installation, server administration and maintenance and detailed descriptions on using popular clients such as TortoiseCVS, WinCVS and Eclipse.

Easy to use windows clients
CVS Suite Studio to create workspaces from the CVS repository, Visual Studio .NET 2005 Integration (SCCI) to work from windows IDE's, TortoiseCVS for working with version controlled files from right within Windows Explorer and WinCVS for a clear view of your active work.

Release Manager
Deploy copies of your version controlled web site or application on clients around the globe.

Defect Tracking Integration
Integrate CVSNT with Defect tracking (Bugzilla, Mantis and Jira) at the server increases productivity and allows you to create a fully integrated version, defect and release management system.

Enhanced Branch and Merge
MergePoint processing means no more tagging to merge!

Multi Lingual Filenames
Japanese, Hebrew and Western European characters in filenames are fully supported for multi-lingual applications.

Wide and secure protocol support
Authentication via all standard CVS protocols, plus Windows specific SSPI and Active Directory. Secure transport support via sserver or encrypted SSPI

Server Synchronisation
CVS Suite Server was designed for use across wide are networks and multiple sites. Included in all copies is basic repository replication. See CVSNT Server for more. See our Professional Multi Site support options for comprehensive multi site solutions.

See CVS Suite for more.

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