CVS Unreserved Checkouts

CVS Configuration

Your CVS installation comprises a minimum of two components:

Additionally the repository may be stored:

Storing and configuring your CVS server is beyond the scope of this manual, however the client must specify the ROOT. The ROOT is the location of the repository and the protocol to use eg:

Set the CVSROOT in your environment using the System Control Panel (use the windows "Start" button then "Settings" then "Control Panel" and select the "System" icon):

It is also possible to set the CVSROOT in WinCVS from the Admin pulldown menu (in preferences):

The CVS server uses some configuration files that specify whether files are "binary" or not and also whether to expand "keywords". The Uniface XML files should not use keywords by default (do not use -kk) unless you first ensure that your application does not use any of them. CVS keywords are prefixed and suffixed with a dollar sign ($) the same way as a Uniface component variable is. Eg: $id$

The Keywords that CVS uses are:

Here is an example cvswrappers file which prevents keyword substitution:

# This file affects handling of files based on their names.


# The -t/-f options allow one to treat directories of files

# as a single file, or to transform a file in other ways on

# its way in and out of CVS.


# The -m option specifies whether CVS attempts to merge files.


# The -k option specifies keyword expansion (e.g. -kb for binary).


# Format of wrapper file ($CVSROOT/CVSROOT/cvswrappers or .cvswrappers)


#  wildcard	[option value][option value]...


#  where option is one of

#  -f		from cvs filter		value: path to filter

#  -t		to cvs filter		value: path to filter

#  -m		update methodology	value: MERGE or COPY

#  -k		expansion mode		value: b, o, kkv, &c


#  and value is a single-quote delimited value.

# For example:

*.gif -k 'b'

*.exe -k 'b'

*.dll  -k 'b'

*.frm -k 'b'

*.svc -k 'b'

*.rpt -k 'b'

*.ssv -k 'b'

*.usp -k 'b'

*.qry -k 'b'

*.aps -k 'b'

*.urr -k 'b'

*.dol -k 'b'

*.hlp -k 'b'

*.doc -k 'b'

*.xls -k 'b'

*.trx -k 'b'

*.exp -k 'b'

*.rtf -k 'b'

*.zip  -k 'b'

*.pdf -k 'b'

*.bmp -k 'b'

*.001 -k 'b'

*.002 -k 'b'

*.003 -k 'b'

*.004 -k 'b'

*.005 -k 'b'

*.006 -k 'b'

*.007 -k 'b'

*.008 -k 'b'

*.009 -k 'b'

*.dbf -k 'b'

*.db -k 'b'

*.lnk -k 'b'

*.pdf -k 'b'

*.ini -k 'o'

*.csv -k 'o'

*.xml -k 'o'

*.css -k 'o'

*.xsl -k 'o'

*.asn -k 'o'

*.htm -k 'o'

*.html -k 'o'

*.log -k 'o'

*.sql -k 'o'

*.txt -k 'o'

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