CVS Unreserved Checkouts - Adding a form


Adding an object is always a special case in a CM controlled environment. CVS does make it very easy though.

Adding a form using the CVS command line client

To add a form for after it is created use the "add" and "commit" commands:

cd sources\components.dir


cvs commit -m "Added a simple form to show how it works" I_TESTCVS.XML

Adding a form using the Tortoise CVS

Using windows explorer select the file to add and right click. Select "CVS Add..." from the menu. Check that the file type is correct and press OK to add the file.

When the add has completed press "OK" to remove the log window then right click the same file and select "CVS Commit..." from the menu. Enter a check in comment and press OK.

When the commit has completed press "OK" to remove the log window.

Adding a form using the WinCVS

To add a form after creating it in the IDF you may first need to refresh WinCVS's view of the directory by pressing F5. Select the file (it will have a "?" icon) within WinCVS and use the pulldown menu "Modify->Add selection".

The file will now show up as red in WinCVS. Select the file and press Ctrl-M (or use the right click menu), enter the log message and press OK

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