CVS Unreserved Checkouts - Checking a form in


Once changes have been made they need to be sent to the central CVS repository so that other developers can see them and merge them with their own repositories.

Best practive amongst CVS developers usually requires that before a change is committed to the repository that the developer first synchronises their working copy.

A strength of CVS is its ability to merge changes into the UD6 XML files. Customers using this technique are strongly encouraged by March Hare to use the UD6 Option Pack so that the form "paint tableau" can be merged by CVS.

Checking a form in using the CVS command line client

To check the form in after editing use the "commit" command:

cd sources\components.dir

cvs -r commit -m "fixed bug 1234" I_DRIVER.XML

Checking a form in using the Tortoise CVS

Using windows explorer, right click on the file and select "CVS Commit...". Enter a comment and press OK.

Checking a form in using the WinCVS

If a file has been changed it will show up as red in WinCVS. Select the file and press Ctrl-M (or use the right click menu), enter the log message and press OK

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