Create and load a project

Once you have created your workfiles (Uniface source code) on drive M:, itís time to prepare a place for PVCS Version Manager to keep the archives of the current and past versions of the source code. PVCS calls this archives area the project database. Once the project database is created It will then be possible to create an initial load of all the workfiles into it.

Create a shared network directory (eg: on an NT server) for the project database. Share the created directory as "project_database", allowing full read-write access. Create a directory on this share called "reference". This is where the "read-only" copy of the sources will be kept. Please see A methodology to Uniface source code control for more information.

In our example we have connected drive N: to the network share "project_database".

You can now create a new project database by choosing "Create Project Database..." from the "Admin" pulldown menu in PVCS Version Manager.

Create Project Database

Pressing OK will create an empty project database.

Then select the BridalDatabase (N:) from the tree, and choose Configure Project Database from the Admin pulldown menu.

Configure Project Database - BridalDatabase

Pressing OK will update the project database configuration.

Now to perform an initial load of all the source code into the created Project Database, choose File ->Add Workfiles... from the pulldown menu. A screen should appear with the default workfile location of m:\sources\*.*, select OK.

Add Workfiles to BridalDatabase

Pressing OK will load the project database with the source code you have imported with UD6/CMtool Driver in a previous step. When this is completed PVCS Version Manager will display a message stating that the "Action completed successfully".

Taking Control

Finish taking control

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