Finish taking control

Once you have created a project database, configured it for UD6/CMtool Driver XML files and reference directory, and loaded the workfiles, you are ready perform the final steps to allow Uniface, the UD6/CMtool Driver and PVCS Version Manager to work together.

In these final steps you will:

Post project database creation cleanup

The loading of the workfiles into the project database in the previous step should have left tne M: drive empty (apart from empty directories). The empty directories can all be removed at this point and PVCS Version Manager will re-create them when necessary through the process of checking out files.

Configure the IDF shortcut

Modify the IDF shortcut to have its default working directory (Start in:) as N:\

Configure the USYS.ASN and JOINS files

The usys.asn exists in the Uniface usys directory and the JOINS file in the Uniface bin directory. Wherever these files refer to .\sources they need to be modified to refer to .\reference. References to .\settings become m:.\settings and references to .\compiled become m:\compiled.

Configure the driver settings in USYS.ASN

The usys.asn exists in the Uniface usys directory, and the USYS$UD6_PARAMS needs to include a special setting cleanmmf hard auto for PVCS Version Manager:


USYS$UD6_PARAMS=listdir m:\settings\inuse, config m:\settings, cleanmmf hard auto

Configure Event Triggers in PVCS Version Manager

PVCS Version Manager can call the UD6/CMtool Driver programs add2list.exe and del2list.exe to automatically update the INUSE file. Firstly you have to make a batch file for the checkout script (because of a limitation in PVCS Version Manager 6.5 does not allow the same command line macro twice).

Here is the batch file we created in y:\usys7206\bin\checkout.bat

@echo off

y:\usys7206\bin\add2list.exe -rM:\sources %1 .\reference%2 m:\sources%2

Using PVCS Version Manager, select BridalDatabase in the tree, and then Admin ->Configure Project... from the pulldown menu.

Configure Project Database - BridalDatabase

Taking Control

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