[cvsnt] Re: cvs checkout -d broken in 2.0.0?

Tony Hoyle tmh at nodomain.org
Thu Apr 10 09:11:16 BST 2003

Oliver Koltermann wrote:

> I forgot to mention that this worked for me with all older versions of
> cvsnt. I can't say which version was the latest, but I have no problem
> with CVSNT b72. So I'm sorry that I have to disagree on
> this. We used this functionality all the time - there must have been
> some recent changes which broke it.

If it worked it was by accident... it couldn't possibly have been correct...
even the manual documents that it gets the paths wrong - the client has to
deal with that crap itself (which admittedly it seems to manage as it's
fairly robust).

Making a 'clean' solution is going to take some time & testing, as it
involves some quite hairy changes.


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