[cvsnt] Re: Ampersand modules again [was: cvs checkout -d broken in 2.0.0?]

Oliver Koltermann okoltermann at gmx.de
Wed Apr 16 09:00:34 BST 2003

"Glen Starrett" <grstarrett at cox.net> writes:

> After the last set of messages on this last week I finally looked up what
> ampersand modules (are supposed to) do.  They do look valuable for common
> module inclusion, but I'm not sure why this would be used over aliased
> modules.  When are you using ampersand modules, and do you use aliased
> modules (and when)?

We have several projects all sharing a portion of the source code. So
we have modules like

proj1 p1src &shared
proj2 p2arc &shared

I don't use aliased modules. The checkout -d problem arises when I
want to checkout the same project multiple times for different
tasks. In my CVSWORK directory I always have a working copy of proj1
and proj2 to do my regular work. In parallel I sometimes checkout
another copy with "cvs checkout -d proj1_tagging proj1" to do some
tagging, branching or whatever operation. That's where I use -d on
ampersand modules.

This was no general discussion of your question, I know, but the kind
of use that led into last weeks "checkout -d" postings. Please ask if
you were interested in a more general discussion on ampersand modules
and aliased modules.


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