[cvsnt] Newbie question

Dan Packer dpacker at stein-industries.com
Tue Nov 7 17:25:31 GMT 2006

We are attempting a first time implementation and cannot
seem to create a local copy of the server files for work.

Cvsnt is installed on the file server, is running, and we
want to use TortoiseCVS as the client.  My goal is to check
out the server files to my local machine for work.  

The files that we want to control are on the server, in the
folder specified by the CVSNT control panel.

We can create the module locally (right-click on the local
folder, Add Module, and set the server location).  The
dialog box indicates that the local top-level folder is
created in CVS, and we need to use the CVS Add Contents
command to populate the folder.

When we populate the folder by adding contents, we get the
error "There is nothing to add.  All the files, folders, and
their contents that you selected are already in CVS, or are
specified in a .cvsignore file".

It seems like we are missing a simple step.  Can someone
please point us in the right direction?



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