[cvsnt] Newbie question

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-tort at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Nov 7 18:18:14 GMT 2006

At Tuesday 7/11/2006 14:25, Dan Packer wrote:

>We are attempting a first time implementation and cannot
>seem to create a local copy of the server files for work.
>Cvsnt is installed on the file server, is running, and we
>want to use TortoiseCVS as the client.  My goal is to check
>out the server files to my local machine for work.


>The files that we want to control are on the server, in the
>folder specified by the CVSNT control panel.

How did you put them there? If it's your first usage of cvs then the 
repository should still be empty. After the initial installation you 
should never access the repository directory on the server - that is, 
all your work is done thru the CVS commands and/or TortoiseCVS from 
the client machine.

>We can create the module locally (right-click on the local
>folder, Add Module, and set the server location).  The

For the first time, that should be "Make New Module". The "Add" 
option should not appear at all - that means you *already* have a 
checked out module, that is, a working copy. how did you get it? 
Don't use "CVS" as a directory name; they are used internally by the 
cvs system and it can get confused.

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