[cvsnt] Error-Importing a new project

David Somers dsomers at omz13.com
Tue Nov 14 18:27:53 GMT 2006

sudheer.nukaraju at wipro.com wrote:

> Hello All
> This is regarding importing a new project into cvs repository. (From
> WinCvs )
> When I tried importing (WinCvs Gui), I am getting the following error:
> Fix the errors (if any) before continuing the import proess:
> 1.Text/Binary conflict, at least these files :
> 2.Warning : Files have escape characters in it
> 3.Warning : Files are text, should be binary
> 4. Warning : Files have the wrong line feed

You are trying to import files that WinCVS thinks are binary but have not
wrapped as binary, etc. This is more of a WinCVS issue than a cvs[nt] issue
so should really be directed to the WinCVS support list.

David Somers

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