[cvsnt] Question Regarding CVS folder and Import command

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-cvsnt at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Nov 16 20:52:40 GMT 2006

At Thursday 16/11/2006 17:31, Ron Buchholz wrote:

>With the GUIs we use (SmartCVS and TortoiseCVS, btw), if a complete repository
>is checked out, the CVS folder is created where all of the modules are placed.
>If a CVS folder is created, both GUIs no longer provide the ability to import
>(or create) a "module" in that folder. They both expect you to add and commit
>the module there.

All recent versions of TortoiseCVS allow that, but ancient ones not.

>If that CVS folder is *not* present in the directory where you hold all of
>those modules, both GUIs provide the "Import" (or make new module) function to
>create the module.
>Who cares? Well, if I want to control who can create modules, I was expecting
>to trap on the "import" command in the precommand trigger, assuming 
>that import
>was always used to create a module. As my example above shows, sometimes it's
>import, sometimes it's add and commit, depending on how the folder was
>populated. Once the module is created, no problems, anyone can start 
>filling it
>- I only want to control its creation.

I think you can create a TOP LEVEL module only using Import; 
subdirectories can be created with Add.
That would be OK if you never check out a whole repository - and I 
never do that, wold be nonsensical for our repositories. Most users 
are interested on a few modules only, never on the whole repository.

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