[cvsnt] Need help with cvslock (reposted)

Mauro Maniforti mauro.maniforti at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 07:47:05 GMT 2006


Since some week I have a problem in every operation against CVSNT.
I use TortoiseCVS and when I try to use any function (commit, diff,
history...) the program start and wait for the lock endlessly.
I think the problem is related to cvslock because if I change
"lockserver=none" I can (with some other problems) accomplish every command.
And if during the wait I kill the cvslock.exe process I get an error on TCVS

During the wait cvslock.exe seem to be sleeping. Even filemon.exe
(Sysinternals.com) don't show any file IO activity.
I'm quite shure it is not a port related problem, because even after some
port change the problem still alive.
It should not even a permission problem, because I try to use an
administrator account without success.
Even downloading the antivirus (Symatec) does not resolve.

At this point I have no more ideas to try and I need the community help.

My configuration:
  a.. CVSNT 2.5.03 build 2382 installed on a Toshiba laptop whit WinXP Pro
  b.. TortoiseCVS 1.9.18 installed in the same Laptop

Thanks in advance for any help


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