[cvsnt] some questions on getting cvsnt working on a redhat box

bwhicks at aep.com bwhicks at aep.com
Tue Dec 4 18:49:02 GMT 2007

cvsnt-bounces at cvsnt.org wrote on 12/04/2007 12:55:19 PM:

> My ultimate goal is to be able to offer cvs access via ssh 
> authenticating against the ldap server, but for now I would like to just 

> use pserver for authentication just so I know that everything is 
> working.  I'm new to cvs servers, so bear with me here.  Correct me if 
> I'm wrong, but I'll need to add users to each repository, correct before 

> users will be able to use the repositories?  If so, how do I go about 
> doing that?  Thanks for your help.

Your whole plan sounds good. Looks like your only hangup is the users. I'd 
start by adding userid's to the system (/etc/passwd) and then configure 
the repository to get its users from the system. This is done in the 
config file when you check out the CVSROOT module. Once that works, you 
can get your cvs server to authenticate through your LDAP server just by 
getting PAM working for the system. Once you can ssh to the box using LDAP 
credentials, cvs should just work. 

Good luck!


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