[cvsnt] ubuntu cvsnt ownership problem

Ivan Jovanovic ksajvan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 17:00:03 BST 2008

I have installed cvsnt version 2.5.03, build 2151 on Ubuntu server. I have
created admin file, adding to it system users, and using one of that users
as alias (cvsntusr) I manage to add users ----cvs passwd -r cvsntusr -a
newusr --- (create CVSROOT/passwd file).
Using TortoiseCVS I can checkout files using credentials of newly created
user, but on the other side I can`t commit any changes, because owner of the
whole repository is root user, and it allows only read rights over files.
Can anybody help me with this? Which user should be owner of the repository
and files inside??? One notice, repository files are migrated from windows

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