[cvsnt] Getting into CVSNT

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Tue Jul 8 05:07:11 BST 2008


> Well, I've been reading 
> the FM and I 
> haven't found anything in there that addresses the issue of 
> setting up 
> users.  

The section of the manual on "How to add and delete users" seems
straightforward to me ;)

If that does not answer the question - then I need a better
understanding of what your problem is.

Note: you may be finding it difficult to work out how to set up users,
since most people do not add users - they just let the server OS take
care of that:

If you are looking at how to set up "locking", "access control",
"permissions", "only user XYZ should be able to create/import" etc. etc.
then see the FAQ:



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