[cvsnt] cvsnt- and virustotal.com

Joel Schneider jschneid at NMDP.ORG
Mon Dec 7 13:11:03 GMT 2009


The evscm.org downloads page (http://www.evscm.org/modules/Downloads/) offers a link to the file cvsnt-


When I downloaded this file yesterday and then uploaded it to virustotal.com to check for viruses, 11 out of 41 scanners reported some type of threat.  The MD5 checksum of the zip file I received matches that listed in the MD5SUM- file (c995380c18751ef6e13826a9e105495a).

These virustotal scan results deterred me from using the evscm CVSNT package.  For now, I'm instead planning to use WinCVS (cvsgui.sourceforge.net), which includes a version of CVSNT.  TortoiseCVS (TortoiseCVS.sourceforge.net) might be another option.

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