Create areas

Once you have set up eChangeMan with users and groups, you need to set up at least two (2) ‘areas’ for use with Uniface:

The ‘sandbox’, development type area may be on the same server or even on each developers own machine. If you wish to use a machine other than the server, you must install a communication agent on that machine. The example here will have both areas on the same server.

In the previous step we created an NT share called echangeman, and mapped it on our NT workstation to M: drive. On the server that ‘shared directory’ is c:\echangeman.

Using either the workstation or the server, add a directory at the same level as ‘sources’, called ‘archive’, eg: c:\echangeman\archive or m:\archive. This directory will contain the deltas between different versions of each file, it may be stored anywhere on the same server as the echangeman directory (please consult the eChange Man reference manual for further information about ‘archive path’).

Using the server, add a directory and equivalent NT share called ‘dev’, eg: c:\dev. This directory will contain the source code that is currently ‘checked out’ to developers, and an INUSE file.

In our example all developers are sharing the one ‘developers’ area. Using eChangeMan, multiple developer views are as simple as creating an area for each developer or development team, or alternatively you can create INUSE files for each developer or team but still use a single development area as described in Using an INUSE per developer or team.

Copy the programs add2list.exe and del2list.exe from your Uniface bin directory to a place on the server, in the PATH (eg: c:\windows).

Add a new production area in eChange Man (Tools->System configuration, Edit->Areas):



Description:Bridal Registry Library



Archive Path:c:\echangeman\archive

Delete From:

Search Tree:Yes





Script User:Administrator

Script (on one line):

del2list -rC:\dev \dev\inuse n:%from_dir%\%vcsfile%

Add a new development ‘sandpit’ area:



Description:Bridal Registry Development



Archive Path:*leave blank*

Delete From:Yes

Search Tree:Yes




Script User:Administrator


set p1=\dev\inuse

set p2=%from_dir%\%vcsfile%

set p3=n:%to_dir%\%vcsfile%

add2list -rC:\dev;C:\echangeman %p1% %p2% %p3%

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