Step 1: Load UVCS into UD6

Before performing this step ensure that you have:

Export UVCS from existing repository and Import into UD6 using specific UD6 settings. E.g: set the ASN file for the import to:


*.uvcs $idf:.\sources\other\*.*


USYS$UD6_PARAMS=nokeycheck,nouvers,chkver,version 720600,noemptytrig,nocompstamp,notimestamp,forcedate 2001-03-02T09:00:00, etc etc

NOTE: be sure to set the version of the IDF that you used to import the UVCS repository with version 720600.

Ensure that the configuration files (joins, overflows etc) from UD6t 1.03.00 or higher are being used, and that the following configuration files from the "additional" directory have been copied into the configuration directory:

Copy the UVCS sources into the UD6 repository:

idf /cpy idf:*.uvcs c:\tst_prod\reorder-uvcs_28_03_01.aaa

The UVCS entities are exported from Unfiace in the wrong order. Use Notepad or another text editor to move the following entities position in the TRX file:

idf /cpy c:\tst_prod\reorder-uvcs_28_03_01.aaa idf:

As the UVCS sources are imported, these assignment file settings and configuration files reformat the data to match the 'normal' Uniface dictionary data. The uvcs2cvs.exe program will then 'check in' these to the new version control in Step 2.

For more information about the converting from UVCS to CVS see:

Step 1 Load UVCS into UD6.
Step 2 Migrate the historical information.
Step 3 Perform final import into UD6.
uvcs2cvs.exe Copies historical UVCS information into UD6 repository files.

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