Step 2: Migrate the historical information.

Before performing this step ensure that you have completed Step 1.

This step requires two directories:

If you have a copy of the Uniface repository from BEFORE you began using UVCS, it should have already been imported to UD6 and 'checked-in' to the version control. Check this out into the directory where the Version Control/CVS repository is being loaded from [eg: /sources]

During the load process, if a file is extracted from UVCS which does not already exist in [/cvs/sources], then it will be added to the version control system otherwise it will be updated).

Transfer the UVCS records into Version Control

The uvcs2cvs.exe program will then 'check in' these to the new version control.

set CVS1=cvs add %s

set CVS2=cvs commit -F %s %s

set CVSDIR=..\


md cvs

cvs co uniface

cd uniface\sources

xcopy c:\tst_prod\sources\uvcs uvcs /S /I /Q

cd uvcs

d:\usys72\bin\uvcs2cvs -v -n -h * > c:\temp\uvcs.log

For more information about the converting from UVCS to CVS see:

Step 1 Load UVCS into UD6.
Step 2 Migrate the historical information.
Step 3 Perform final import into UD6.
uvcs2cvs.exe Copies historical UVCS information into UD6 repository files.

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