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FormToolKit brings complete proc listings to Uniface

Even though Uniface Seven increased the searching capabilities on the Uniface repository, it still remains that you cannot find or search for details 'painted' on screens. Even program listings do not list the contents of the screens. With the latest release of FormToolKit 1.41 you now can, and it even can print a 'mini-picture' of the screen in the proc listing..

Download it and try it today.

For March Hare's ultimate answer to your Uniface source code hassles, please see our UD6/CMtool Driver. This driver stores your Uniface source code in ASCII files, making it easy to search with industry standard tools.

The Form ToolKit provides the ability to

  • search and replace the contents of forms (e.g.: the colour of a field, or the placement of a field),
  • Access the form paint tableau through proc code
  • Access system information at time time through proc code, like form size & position
  • Print complete listing of a component, including a report layout or screen dump.

What no other solution offers

No other Uniface add-in provides a clear, and complete, program listing for Uniface forms.

Since in a Uniface program, or form, code can be 'hidden' almost anywhere, entities can be stacked on the paint tableau etc, code review is a valuable part of any significant development.

Form ToolKit is equally as useful at helping consultants find code and summarise functions that are unfamiliar to them.

This Consultants GuidePDF document has all the details on the tool, and sample proc listings, or a more detailed sample proc listing is here Consultants Guide.

Additional Information

The Form ToolKit comes complete with detailed setup instructions, and examples of using it from proc code. Download the free trial version here , or go to our Prices and Ordering page for more details on how to purchase it and annual maintenance and support charges.

March Hare also provide a complete range of consultancy services to assist you in implementing your configuration management and/or Uniface solutions. Please visit our consultants page for more information.

Details. Evaluate. Library. Buy it.

Recommended reading from the library:

- Form ToolKit is available for all Uniface supported platforms

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