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Execute Software on a Remote Server

If you've ever had a need to start a process on a server from Uniface, you'll know how difficult in can be. Now all March Hare drivers come with the in-built capability to execute any o/s command.

March Hare's Uniface database drivers are among the most advanced in the world. They are built on a flexible, scalable library of functions that we can then use to build almost any driver that is necessary to get a job done.

If you have a component server license, then you can execute non-uniface processes on another machine, but if you are like most companies in the world, and dont have component server, then our drivers can help.

A polyserver is all you need

If you have a polyserver running on the machine which you wish to start a process, then getting started can be as simple as installing one of our drivers and then using the sql workbench or an sql proc statement to send the command to the server.

March Hare also provide a complete range of consultancy services to assist you in implementing configuration management, Uniface, or Java solutions. Please visit our consultants page for more information.

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