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Simplify your Uniface Web Deployment

With Uniface's technical components getting more and more detailed, you know that you need some expert advice and assistance.

March Hare's consultants have been working with Uniface for over 10 years, and March Hare were one of the first companies in the world to begin using the Uniface Web Application Server.

Whether you simply want to know the real advantages and disadvantages behind each of the technology choices, or if you want a full deployment proposal, March Hare have got the people and the resources to help.

We can deployment you existing Uniface or Non-Uniface application to an Intranet or the Internet using one of a number of technologies, including:

  • Uniface Web Application Server 7.2.04 & 7.2.05
  • Uniface JTi
  • Citrix MetaFrame
  • Java Server Pages
  • Active Server Pages

Especially for Uniface customers who have become used to everything being available from Uniface, the challenge of deploying your business functions to the Internet is not as simple as purchasing an additional license.

Successful implementors of internet developments have a unique profile, and use a completely new set of tools to get the job done. For instance try this quick quiz:

  • What's the difference between Uniface JTi server and Citrix MetaFrame ?
  • What are the operating costs for a MetaFrame server versus a Uniface Web Application Server ?
  • What has better network throughput, MetaFrame or Web Application Server ?
  • What solution is most cost effective for a small, medium or large development ?
  • Which solutions support multi-lingual pages ?
  • Which solutions support the visually impaired ?
  • What are the upfront and the ongoing cost difference for an ASP project versus a UWAS project?

If you haven't been considering all these issues, don't worry, we have. Talk to us today about how March Hare's business focused people can help you get your business to the web sooner.

March Hare also provide a complete range of consultancy services to assist you in implementing configuration management, Uniface, or Java solutions. Please visit our consultants page for more information.

  Other tools
Version Control Solutions for Uniface

CSV Driver allows dynamic tablenames

FormToolKit brings complete proc listings to Uniface

Stop searching for Uniface personnel

UD5 Connects Uniface to Java

MH3GLs Connects Uniface Windows

FREE HTML Printer Driver for Uniface

Simplify your Uniface Web Deployment

Execute software on a remote server

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