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Version Control Solutions for Uniface

Use any configuration control tool to manage your Uniface source code and simplify your Uniface 8 and 9 migration.

From ClearCase, voted the worlds #1 CM tool, right through to CVS, SVN or GIT - popular and free. Other CM/SCM products like PVCS, eChangeMan, CM Synergy (Continuus), Dimensions and many more are now available to Uniface developers around the world.

The key to this generic solution to version control is that with the UD6/CMtool driver your Uniface source code is stored in text files. And with the UD6 Option Pack these text files can be searched for common Uniface 8 problems and copied between Uniface versions, even from Uniface 9 or Uniface 8 back to Uniface 7.

Since UVCS was retired after Uniface Seven and version control interfaces built on SCCI are limited in their flexibility and workflow Uniface developers must choose a new source code control strategy. By using the March Hare CMtool driver you get to use any of the best CM products on the market to ensure the integrity of your software development and to make its evolution more manageable.

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March Hare's UD6/CMtool driver can work with any CM or SCM tool that uses plain files (which is almost all of them).

The CM tool of your choice is responsible for all of the source code management, access control privileges, roles, authorities and synchronized projections / views.

What no other solution offers

The heart of any SCM/CM solution is the ability to construct or reconstruct a 'view' of any version of your software on the fly, from version 1.0 through to the latest mods and the version currently in testing. SCM/CM tools refer to this as a synchronized projection / view.

The March Hare CMtool driver is the only solution available that gives you access to this functionality for the Uniface development environment.

March Hare's UD6/CMtool Driver makes use of the fact that a synchronised projection is maintained by the CM tool (this is also known as a 'reference area' or a view), and makes the IDF look there for the code you are looking at/compiling etc., and looks to your working directory for the files/components that you are modifying. Therefore the developer can only alter the code that has been 'checked out' and a unified view of the current version of your application is maintained by the CM tool of your choice.

All other source code control solutions for Uniface rely on an import/export mechanism which removes the source code controls and requires that the entire repository of source code be loaded onto each developers environment.

Everyone agrees that large complex application development benefits from source code management and configuration control by resolving many problems and inefficiencies. Now Uniface developers have access to the best technology available.

March Hare also provide a complete range of consultancy services to assist you in implementing your configuration management and/or Uniface solutions. Please visit our consultants page for more information.

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- UD6/CMtool is available for all Uniface supported platforms

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