-    UD6IDE: ECLIPSE FOR UNIFACE 6/7/8 &9    

Eclipse IDE for Uniface 6/7/8/9

With your Uniface Repository source code in easy to read XML files, you can use any editor to work with the Uniface source code.

This is not an Import/Export format, as soon as Eclipse or Notepad or BBEdit or whatever your favourite editor is has saved your changes, your colleagues using the IDF can see those same changes (unless they are using a separate sandbox).

We've employed an Eclipse expert developer to help us create an editor specifically tailored to Uniface Source Code as stored by UD6.

What can I do with UD6IDE

UD6IDE is currently released as a proof-of-concept, if you would like to get involved in developing UD6IDE the source code is included with UD6 and you can contribute back changes once you have filled in some additional paperwork.

Our goal is to extend the editor capabilities from October 2013 to June 2014. Based on customer feedback we will then aim to produce a 'stable' build for developers who are interested in a product that 'simply works' and not interested in contributing. The features available in that release will depend largely on customer feedback and contributions before June 2014.

What is implemented

We have currently implemented the following:

What needs to be implemented

We have a long list of things to implement, here is just a sample:

Configuring UD6 for use with Eclipse

The current release of UD6IDE requires some minor changes to how UD6 writes XML files. If you are working will be actively working with UD6IDE then you will need to add this configuration setting to you ASN file:

USYS$UD6_PARAMS = ud6ide, etc etc

If you already have a UD6 repository then you will need to export (using performance 111) the repository, delete the XML files, then re-import using the new settings.

As UD6IDE develops between now and June 2014, we may need to alter the XML format further:

Contributing to the project

To contribute to the project we require that you attribute the copyright of your submissions to March Hare Software. This copyright only affects code that you submit back to the project, and it allows us to ensure that the subsequent product can be covered by our professional and products indemnity insurance.

Once we have your signed copyright agreement then we will issue you with a login that allows you to collaborate with the other developers, checkout the latest code and commit updates using CVS Suite/CVSNT.


To allow Uniface customers to extend and improve the editor, UD6IDE is licensed with the Eclipse Public License: http://www.eclipse.org/org/documents/epl-v10.php 

Read more about Uniface Version Control

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