UD6/CMtool Parameters

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USYS$UD6_PARAMS Actual driver parameters from assignment file.
SQL Commands that effect the current state of the driver.
add2list.exe For use when checking out a program from CVS
del2list.exe For use when checking in a program to CVS
fixud6.exe For use if an XML file becomes corrupted
uvcs2cvs.exe Convert UVCS history information to CVS or another Version Control System
SQL Workbench For use with running operating system commands and updating parameters during an IDF session
Configuration Files Configuration File Descriptions (joins, overflows, ofields etc)
add2list call interface For use when calling add2list from a c program.
del2list call interface For use when calling del2list from a c program.
Linking for call interface Information on linking to the add2list/del2list call interface.

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